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A Beautifull country

The Regional Park of Vercors

The Regional Natural Park of Vercors is a citadel between 1000 and 2300 meters in elevation and covers 186,000 hectares between the Isère valley to the north and the Diois area to the south.

A vast plateau with steep access, each in itself an exceptional tourist attraction: Les petits Goulets, Combe Laval, le col du Rousset ...

La Drôme des Collines

The river Rhone watches over the slopes, the fruit trees and the wines from St Rambert to Tain l'Hermitage.

Come and discover a mosaic of micro regions gathered around Romans, the 'shoe capital' renowned for its leather industry, , its gastronomy and its architectural heritage. The beginning of the fragrance of the south ...


Built between the twelfth and fifteenth century, the abbey considered one of the most remarkable achievements of the Dauphine region, displays the architectural features of the great pilrimage churches of the Middle Ages. But Saint Antoine l'Abbaye is also its handicraft shops, museum and its annual Middle Ages festival.

Le Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval

"To distract my thoughts, I built a fairytale dream palace."

April 1879, Ferdinand Cheval a rural postman then aged 43, stumbles upon a strange that it awakens in him a dream. Completely self-taught, he dedicated 33 years of his life to build alone an imaginary palace in his vegetable garden.

The Forest of Chambaran

The forest of Chambaran, located in the municipality of Roybon, is extends to over 730 hectares. Along beautiful pathways or off the beaten track, you will no doubt come across red deer, roe deer, sheep easy going inhabitants of this beautiful green area. The call of the red deer in early autumn can not leave you indifferent...

The Grenoble Walnuts

- A geographical area of 7000 Hectares

- About 1,100 producers

- More than 10 000 tonnes of nuts produced 80% under the AOC "Grenoble Walnuts"

- 3 varieties branded: Franquette, Mayette et Parisienne.


Le Bleu du Vercors, le Saint-Marcellin...

Small cheeses become great cheeses...

The blue cheese of Vercors-Sassenage is the only cheese produced from a mix of heated old milk and fresh morning milk straight from the cow

Do not missed:

The Blue Cheese festival on 8 and 9 august 2015

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