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La Chavanaise

"The countryside is a good place to think about nothing."

Georges Wolinski

A lounge in which to relax.

Do you wish to prepare your outing for the day at your leisure?

Various books and leaflets are at your disposal and you can look through them in your living room ...

Shared living areas just like home!

Enjoy a shared living space of 180 m2 dedicated to our guests with living room, dining room and a small kitchen. 


Taking it Easy, Lounging at the pool...

With an impressive views of the Vercors, why not meet at the pool, heated from May onwards!

Deckchairs and the garden area are waiting for you. 


To rebuild the world... 

You will enjoy the quiet of the property.

400,000 sqf partially cultivated. Come and see the beautiful view of the Vercors.

On-site activities.

Table tennis, board games, books. All are at your disposal.

We offer you our favorite tours from the house on foot, by bicycle, motorbike or car.

Home made breakfeast.

Jams, bread, brioche and yoghurts are made in our kitchen!

local Fresh fruit, juice and honey for tasty and nourishing breakfeast.

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